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Thursday, February 16


9:00am MST

10:30am MST

More Than Words: The Significance of Land Acknowledgements on the Journey of  Truth and Reconciliation Salon 9 Winter is a Time for Stories Salon 10Phillip Campiou Collaboration Sessions Hall B Exhibits Hall C FAILING IS AN OPTION – SPACE TRAVEL, MUSIC ICONS AND HARNESSING THE POWER OF ‘DESIRABLE DIFFICULTIES’ Salon 2Myron Dueck Foundations of Healthy Eating for Elementary School Salon 20Jaclyn Chute • Barbara Inglis • Mary Block From Keats to Beats Salon 17/18Miranda Krogstad • Alexis Kelly Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Educators Salon 6David Hay • Bobbi Belsek Introduction to EcoSchools in Alberta for Elementary Teachers  Salon 4Nicole Chang Music Listening Comes Alive Salon 15/16Denise Gagne One Book One Week - All the Places you will Go! Salon 13/14Petronella Bouvier Using Online Simulations to Improve Conceptual Understanding in Math and Science Salon 3Karen Blumhagen AAC- Where do I Start? Differentiated Instruction and Assessment Salon 1AAC Facilitator (TBA) Help! I don't know how to connect with… Salon 11 The Accidental Leader: The Power of One to Make a Difference Salon 8Simon Jackson Movement Builder | Founder of The Spirit Bear Youth Coalition Your Pelvic Floor: Get to the root of it! Double Session Riverview RoomAngela Plaquin Looking Ahead to New Adventures Salon 5Alberta Retired Teachers' Association Questions School Leaders Ask Teacher Employment Services Salon 12ATA - Tanya Thiessen Art Gallery of Alberta - Studio - Curating Collections Art Gallery of Alberta

11:00am MST

11:45am MST

12:15pm MST

12:30pm MST

1:00pm MST

AMPLIFYING EQUALITY - Sponsored by Morgex Salon 8 Teachers reaching teachers: ATA's International Cooperation Initiatives Salon 15/16Dr. Andrea Berg Wahkohtowin: Cree Natural Law Salon 10 AAC - Creating Success Criteria For New Curricular Learning Salon 1AAC Facilitator (TBA) ATA Indigenous Content in the new Teaching Quality Standard—Moving from Inspiring to Requiring Salon 12 Big Beautiful Problems in a Thinking Classroom - A Ten Year Journey Salon 3Alicia Burdess Collaboration Sessions Hall B Immersive Wildlife Ed for the Classroom Salon 20Natalie Graveline • Braeden Elenko Incorporating Data Visualization exercises into your lessons Salon 6Bobbi Belsek • David Hay Let's Take It Outside! Literacy and Math in Your Schoolyard Salon 9Nicole Chang Teaching Alberta's NEW Human Sexuality Curriculum for Grades 4, 5 and 6 Salon 13/14Christine McKernan The Intrepid Princess Bride: An Exploration of the Book of Esther Salon 2Gerard McLarney Write On: Hands-On Activities To Get Your Students Going Salon 17/18Miranda Krogstad • Alexis Kelly Students with Disabilities and Inclusion Hall AChris Koch Renowned Motivational Speaker Teaching the Hard To Reach Students with ODD, ADHD, and Anxiety-DoubleTeaching the Hard To Reach Students with ODD, ADHD, and Anxiety-Double Salon 11Connie Jakab Develop – Your intuition and Trust! Salon 4Tina Thrussell Full body Bootcamp Riverview RoomAmanda Harvie • Madison Madhuik ATRF Steps to Receiving Your Pension Salon 5Marc Bisson Exhibits Hall C Art Gallery of Alberta - Tour Art Gallery of Alberta

2:15pm MST

Engaging in Numeracy and Connections through First Nations, Métis and Inuit Traditional Games  Salon 10 Filmmaking, Storytelling and Performing Arts Hall ACowboy SmithX Indigenous Educational Leadership Salon 15/16Laurie Thompson Big Beautiful Problems in a Thinking Classroom - A Ten Year Journey cont. Salon 3Alicia Burdess Collaboration Sessions Hall B Elementary Art-Some Projects to Share Salon 5Karin Brusse-Paterson Elves, Orcs, Hobbits and the Meaning of Life According to J.R.R. Tolkien: A Theological Investigation of Middle Earth Salon 2Gerard McLarney Everything but Writing Salon 17/18Miranda Krogstad • Alexis Kelly Fun and Games in the Music Room Riverview RoomDenise Gagne Get Rollin’ with Makerspaces Salon 8Terra-Lee Gratton How to Host a Hackathon!  Learning Design in Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Spaces Salon 6David Hay • Bobbi Belsek • Byron Chu Let's Take It Outside! Science and Social Studies in Your Schoolyard Cont. Salon 9Nicole Chang Sexual Health Education: How to Answer Student Questions Salon 13/14Christine McKernan Teaching the Hard To Reach Students with ODD, ADHD, and Anxiety-DoubleTeaching the Hard To Reach Students with ODD, ADHD, and Anxiety-Double cont. Salon 11Connie Jakab Wellness Resilience and Partnership Program 2.0: FASD for Education Administration Salon 20Angela Kemble ATA Exchanges: Choose Your Own Teaching or Leadership Adventure! Salon 12ATA -Carolyn Freed Create Calm in your Classroom with Sound Salon 4Tina Thrussell What Does Gender have to do with Women's Health Salon 1Dr. Norris • Bobbi Jo Green Exhibits Hall C
Friday, February 17

8:45am MST

9:00am MST

10:00am MST

11:15am MST

12:30pm MST

1:45pm MST

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